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    Implementation of ws-secureconversation in webservice

      I have to implement a message level secured webservice which wud cater to client on .NET. We have weblogic 10.3.6. Through the tutorials i have configured my server with "weblogic.wsee.security.wssc.v13.sct.ServerSCCredentialProvider" , "weblogic.wsee.security.wssc.v13.dk.DKCredentialProvider", weblogic.xml.crypto.wss.UNTCredentialProvider", and "weblogic.wsee.security.bst.ServerBSTCredentialProvider" credential providers and used policy as policy:Wssp1.2-Wssc1.3-Bootstrap-Wss1.1.xml in the webservice.

      While invoking the service froma stand-alone client , I get an exception "<WSEE:15>Context token does not have a shared secret that is required for deriving secret keys<DKTokenBase.getSecretKey:240>".

      Following a code snippet from the client code:-

      CredentialProvider cp = new ClientBSTCredentialProvider( "plcom.jks", "1234", "com", "1234", "JKS");

      stub._setProperty(WSSecurityContext.CREDENTIAL_PROVIDER_LIST, credProviders);
      stub._setProperty(StubPropertyBSTCredProv.SERVER_ENCRYPT_CERT, CertUtils.getCertificate(serverCertFile )); //serverCert));
      stub._setProperty(WlMessageContext.SCT_LIFETIME_PROPERTY, new Long( 2 * 60 * 60 * 1000L));
      new TrustManager()
      public boolean certificateCallback(X509Certificate[] chain, int validateErr)
      { return true; }

      Please guide me how to add the shared key to the context in otrder to successfully invoke the service.