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    How does the recycle bin work

      Some questions about the recycle bin is SQL Developer.

      1. How do I find the original name of the table? The only name I can see is BIN$...
      2. How do I restore a table in the recycle bin? Do I need to do a "CREATE TABLE ... SELECT * FROM BIN$..."?
      3. Why do some dropped tables not appear in the recycle bin? I accidentally dropped a table, and then, the following week tried to find it in the recylce bin, but looking at the field names, I could see it wasn't there.

      Thanks in advance,
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          The answer to the question you're not asking:

          The Recycle Bin is a database feature, not a SQL Developer one.

          So where you browse the contents of the recycle bin for a schema, you're seeing objects that have been dropped, but not purged, from that schema.

          You need to read the database docs, but in general objects dropped will go the recycle bin until they age our or are pushed out based on the size limit/quota of the recycle bin.

          Browse the Recycle Bin node itself - from there you can browse by the original object names and flashback the tables, or 'restore' them.
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            Thanks for the answer. That's pretty much everything I needed.