Javafx 1.3 applet for Intranet

    Hello Guys of Oracle,

    i know, the EOL is very soon and our Development-Team wont be finish with the port of an applet of our Company to the actual javafx 2.2. Is it possible to distribute the runtime after the eol in our company over a own server or should we install the runtime on every pc, we will use this applet ? If the last option only is possible, must i change the html-page, which the applet will call ?

    I hope, it will give a solution for me.

    Sincere regards,

    Christoph Maier
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        Even though it is going EOL, Oracle will of course continue to offer it as a download. You can even still download Java 1.1 if you would want some nostalgia:

        Talk about software from a previous century!