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    How is Item's carton / Container information flow from ORWMS to ORSIM

      Hi all ,

      would like to take some help in terms certain information flow between ORWMS or from other WMS systems to ORSIM.

      while we receive an items by cartons/containers or multiple items in a carton/container -- is it possible to have a view or track those cartons /containers in ORSIM ?

      In general , we do receive stocks at ware house by containers ....how does these container/cartons info from WMS consumed in SIM .

      while we do transfer between DC to store , is it possible to lookup or track transfer with its container/carton number ?

      do we have any specific system set up for sim to display those ....i had checked in transfer and transfer_line item tables not able to find any info about the same.

      your valuable insights and thoughts are highly appreciated.


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