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    How does Over received Qtys against a PO is handled in ORMS ?

      Hi all ,

      while we do receiving in ORWMS or ORSIM if we happen to do over receiving how does the same information is passed back to ORMS against an Purchase order.

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          Alan Lawlor

          We use third-party store and warehouse inventory management, but we do then interface the received qty's back into RMS using the RMSSUB_RECEIPT.CONSUME package.

          There are no in-built limitations to over-receiving in RMS. You will simply end up with an order line (ORDLOC) with qty received > qty ordered. Similarly, if you processed an ASN in advance of receiving (where ASN did not indicate an over-shipment), this will be displayed as received qty > expected qty on SHIPSKU.

          The stock ledger will reflect the actual received qty. There are no special postings as there are in relation to Transfers where there is special logic to handle over/under receipts, controlled by system options.

          I do not know if you can configure controls on whether or not to allow over-receipts within ORSIM or ORWMS.