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    11g Analysis

    Sean V
      I am connecting 11g Analysis to an 11g Essbase cube.

      I have a filter setup to reference a repository variable which is populated from an Essbase Substitution variable.

      The substitution variable is set to: {Descendants([QTR3],10,leaves)}

      When I apply the filter to the analysis it throws an error which includes, Unknown Member {Descendants([QTR3]],10,leaves)}

      I did notice that in the error there is an extra ] after QTR3. This is not in the substitution variable.

      or perhaps I am approaching this incorrectly.

      What I am trying to do is have an analysis dynamically change the periods that it shows based on a substitution variable in Essbase. I want the analysis to show the children of a particular member in the Essbase cube.