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    Using the 11g deinstall tool to delete older binaries?

      Hi, all,

      I know that with 11g, the preferred method for deleting old binaries is to use the deinstall tool (in $11G_HOME/deinstall/de-install). However, is it possible for me to delete older binaries using this tool?

      For instance, my 11g ORACLE_HOME (i.e. the one that I want to keep and use) is /opt/oracle/product/

      And I have the following binaries on one particular database server:

      oracle@myserver:/opt/oracle/product> ls

      10.2 11.1 agent

      As you can see, I have binaries dating to before the beginning of time (8.1.6, nice) and I’d like to be able to clean it up neatly.

      I tried to deinstall (just running the checkonly, to make sure it 'sees' the older home) the 10.2 binaries using the 11g deinstall tool and got the following error:

      /opt/oracle/product/ -home /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db -checkonly
      Checking for required files and bootstrapping ...
      Please wait ...

      ERROR: -home must not be set for a deinstall running from within an ORACLE_HOME.
      Deinstall of the current home is assumed.

      Any thoughts? I absolutely don't want to deinstall the current home!