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    Update mail attribute in OIM/OID

      Hi Experts,
      we are trying to update the Email attribute in OIM followed by OID.
      we have written a scheduler to copy the username field to email field in USR Table through tcUserOperations interface, followed by change email task and update email task to OID.
      But it is taking 1 hour for 1000 records to finish the job. we have 200000 Users in Production, Is there any better approach I can fasten the process?
      we are having an idea to update the USR Table through SQL Querry for OIM Side.
      and when we tried to update the CT_MAIL table in OID.But it is not showing the values in the front end ODSM.
      Now thinking to write a scheduler seperately for OID by just connecting to ldapctx, update each records and disconnect finally after updating all the operations.
      OIM Version :
      OID Version:
      Any Ideas? suggesstions? better approaches please help me.

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