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    Internal User Unable to Log In to Administration Tool

      I am unable to log in to the Administration Tool. I go to:


      And click on the big button that says "Administration Tool".

      I fill in my SSO details, and get an error:

      "The query returned an error - this is normally assoiciated with a session timeout or an Invalid Account
      You are advised to log out, clear cookies and log back in to re-establish the connection"

      Doing as it asks does not help.

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          To get started on Beehiveonline I recommend you have a look at the Getting Started area and the FAQs.

          To use Beehiveonline you have to create a group with users - internal and external and then be provisioned into the system and have all the necessary ACLs set to hide you and your group from everyone else. No-one can access the system if they are not in a group so that is the starting point of any use of BeehiveOnline.