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    Beehive Workspace Calendar Events in Thunderbird - Feature problem.

      I have a workspace setup for my manager and peers. The main feature we use collaboratively is the Workspace Calendar, which we can all access and view, to see when each of us will be out of the office, etc.

      Outlook users can put an event in the Team Workspace Calendar and it will simply show up in the calendar. Thunderbird users do the same, and it automatically sends a meeting invite out to everyone on the workspace participant list. The participants that are accessing the WS calendar by way of Thunderbird/Lightning do not want to have meeting invites sent out every time they mark down their vacation time, dr. appts., etc. on the WS Calendar.

      1) Is there an option in Thunderbird/Lightning that will allow the user to NOT send a meeting invite?
      2) If this is a known issue, is anything being done about it? It's really, really annoying.