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    *How to call a webservice in interview questionnaire in OPA*

      Dear All,

      In my use case I have below scenario problem. Appreciate your help on this.

      1. In my interview questionnaire, I have below question: which should invoke a credit rating engine - web service (external) call which inturn gives an output (result) to my question.

      What is the credit rating status for this customer?

      Is there any way to invoke external programs like the above in OPA? Please advice

      Please feel free to reach me on the below contacts to have a discussion / understand this problem.

      Bhaskara Reddy
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          You can invoke external services via two main methods in OPA. If you are looking to return a value, you could use a custom function. If you need to do something more complex, for example, modifying the value of several entities in a session, you can use an Inferencing event listener.

          Both of these approaches allow you to introduce custom code. A custom function can only return a single value (and is simpler), and inferencing event listener can do, pretty much, anything.

          see "Customize the inferencing cycle with custom functions and inferencing listeners" in the Oracle Policy Automation Developer's Guide (http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38272_01/toc.htm)

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