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    Expiring and Unexpiring a resource


      When I was working in DM Studio, accidently I had expired a SETRCPTB resource by right clicking on a resource and then select EXPIRE option. Then I realized and I did Unexpire the same.

      Then after I ve added new functions. But at Form level, I could not see the new functions available in the list of functions to add as a trigger to the sections. But I can see the new functions in SETRCPB DAL.

      Even When I made changes to the existing functions, these are not reflecting during GENDATA processing.

      I found some information in DMSTUDIOGUIDE about Expire but not about Unexpire. Can any body throw some light how Expire and Unexpire works ?

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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          You did not mention what version of the product you are using.

          In recent versions, if you Expired and then Unexpired immediately afterwards, there should be no difference in the resource. What you are describing would seem to indicate you have multiple "versions" of the resource in the library. Each version has a new effective date. The version of DAL resource that will be loaded is determined by the date of the run and not necessarily the transaction date.

          To verify, go into Library manager and filter for your DAL resource name. Change the filters to show ALL versions and ALL revisions. Be sure to press the button to Filter Now.

          Within each version - like 0001 - make sure that all the revisions have the same effective date. Technically you are not supposed to be able to set a revision to a different date within the same version - except for the expiration revision. So, if the unexpire did not change the effective date back to the same date as the other revisions, that would be a problem.

          But if you see that you have more than one version listed - as well as revisions in those versions - then note the effective dates for those. The runtime is going to pick up the one that is effective based upon the date that you did each run.
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            Thanks for the information. I am using Documaker 12.1.

            I do have only one version with multiple revisions. I was maintaining the same effective date 1/1/1980 for all revisions.

            When I expired a resource the Version is 1 Revision 153. I expired a resource at this point and unexpired the same then it became Version 1 and Revision 154. After that what ever the changes I have done after Version 1 and Revision 154,it is not reflecting in GenData processing.