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    Updating user records on Oracle_ERP systems from IdM


      We are using a HR Flat File active sync process to create,update, terminate users on IdM, which will in turn create user records on LDAP and Oracle_ERP systems.

      Now we have a requirement to update few of user information fields on Oracle_ERP systems from IdM. But I'm not sure how actually, this insertion/update of user information(records) happen from IdM end. Because the field names on oracle systems and the attributes that we are updating from IdM are entirely different.

      Where shall i get the exact information on how the user records on Oracle are updated or created from IdM(i.e. do i have to look into the Oracle_ERP forms, mapping attributes between IdM and Oracle_ERP..or if there is something else).

      Can someone guide us in this?

      Thanks in advance.