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    Which workbooks containts graph

      I need to know which workbooks are using graphs, the best would be to query it via EUL5_* tables but i can't find where the graph/chart info is available. Please help where to find such information?

      Actually the only way i can think about is to export all the workbooks in xml format and search for files where <chart> tag is available, but this is time consuming.

      Any other suggestion is welcome!


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          Michael Armstrong-Smith
          Hello ncha
          All workbooks that are saved to the database are saved to a file called EUL5_DOCUMENTS where DOC_NAME is the name of the workbook(s). The code for the workbook will be contained in a LONG RAW field called DOC_DOCUMENT.

          Because it is a LONG datatype you cannot use SQL to query it directly. However, you should be able to create a function that will allow you to convert the LONG into text and then you should be able to search for the word CHART.

          Not saying 100% that this will work but it might be worth a shot.

          For help on creating such a function I'd like to refer you here: http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_select_long_table_column_sql.htm

          Best wishes