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    Number of Years


      What is the disadvantage of having a large number of Years in the application profile? Let's say from 2009 to 2025? As far as I'm aware, the db tables for years are created only when data is loaded to those years. This would mean there is no impact on db size, as long as the future years are not populated.

      Is that correct? Any other thoughts on this?

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          2009 to 2025 isn't a lot of years, but to your point: there is no meaningful impact to HFM or the database unless those years are populated, either with data or calc statuses. Also, you don't necessarily have to predefine all those years since there is a utility from Oracle to add years to the application. This ships with, though it can be used with any version back to 4.0.

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            As long as you have storage space, there really isn't a problem having that many years in an application. From an architectural standpoint, you may not want to store 16 years of data in one application, though that will vary on your requirements.

            The reason you need to specify the years up front is due to the fact that the tables are created up front, not on demand. As Chris points out, there is a tool that was released a while back that will let you add years to an application. Before they released the tool, your options were to manually update your database or rebuild the application with more years.

            Also note, that if you do build out a bunch of years, there isn't a tool to delete unused years so it's probably better to make a reasonable assumption, build the app, and then add additional years as needed instead of creating a rather large time period range 'just in case'.