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      We have mutliple issues with the LPN's.
      1. LPN context shows Defined but not used though it already has an item associated with this LPN.
      2. LPN context shows Issued out of Stores, though we can always reuse the old LPNs (Note id 1215833.1)
      3. A few LPN's are showing under the subinventory, locator but there is no item assigned to them.

      We dont have any LPN workbench kind of a thing where we can correct these issues. I dont think we even have a way to end-date or delete or expire a LPN.

      I am new to LPN's so is datafix the only option whenever we run into issues with LPN's. Is there no other way? Please guide.

      Also any additional white paper or document (apart from user guide and oracle docs) would be helpful.

      Appreciate your help.
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          Also to add another issue, an LPN appears in two subinventories at the same time. It seems that during the subinventory transfer, the LPN got created in the new subinventory but never got relieved out of the old subinventory.
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            There seems to be a patch available for the issue that you mentioned, i.e., LPN residing in different locations.
            Check with Oracle support.


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