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    ERPI: Unable to initialize after entering and saving source system details


      Version used is Getting an error message "Error during ODI Process Submission. ODI Connection information may not be
      correct or ODI Agent may not be running. Please check and resubmit the job" when saving the source system details.

      The following details have been updated under the System Settings:

      ODI Agent URL: http://<host>:<port>/oraclediagent
      ODI User name:
      ODI Password:
      ODI Ececution Repository:
      ODI Work Repository:
      ODI Master Repository Driver: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
      ODI Master Repository URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@<DBhost>:<port>:<SIT>
      ODI Master Repository User :
      ODI Master Repository Password:
      POV Locked:
      Enable Security By Location:
      User Language:
      User-Inteface Theme:

      Looking for help to resolve this issue.