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    Screen Order in OPA ( Summary Screen to Question Screen)

      Hi All

      I designed both Summary screen and Question screen in OPM. How to create the screen order so that summary screen will call specific question screen instead on Automatic screen?


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          Jasmine Lee-Oracle
          There’s a lot of info in the OPM Help about screens and interview, so it’s worth having a look in there. The relevant chapter is called “Interviews and flows”, and particularly the sections “Design an interview” and “Define interview screen order”.

          In response to your specific question:

          - When investigating a goal on the summary screen, the Question Search works in conjunction with the Screen Order.

          - If there are no screens defined, then the Question Search controls how the interview flows and all questions appear on automatic screens.

          - If screens have been defined for some attributes (but not all), then the Question Search initially looks to the order the screens are listed in the Screen Order (part of the screens file) and displays the relevant defined screens first. If the goal is still not known, then the Question Search will cause the remaining required data to be displayed on Automatic Screens. From your description, it sounds like you are in this situation, i.e. some required data is attached to an interview screen and some is not.

          A background to understanding why this stuff works the way it does requires understanding the inference cycle: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38269_01/Content/Introducing%20Oracle%20Policy%20Modeling/Deter_Engine_and_infer_cycle.htm I highly recommend looking at this article. Understanding the inference cycle is absolutely fundamental for all rule developers! :)

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            Thanks for response. I found the solution.

            Now my requirement is to comsume web service from OPM. I will get the inputs to OPM as web service. How to process the web service to validate the rules in OPA?


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              Jasmine Lee-Oracle
              Web services are not consumed within OPM. If you want to test rulebases deployed to the Determinations Server, you can use something like soapUI.

              Before deploying a rulebase to Determinations Server, there are some things you need to do to the rulebase in OPM first. Specifically, all base attributes and goal attributes need to have Public Names defined. Any important intermediate attributes which you want to be part of the integration (e.g. have their value passed back to the calling application) also need to have Public Names.

              There's information in both the OPM Help and the OPA Help on these topics, e.g.

              OPM User's Guide: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38269_01/toc.htm
              Table of Contents > Compiling and building > Define attribute names for use by external applications (and related links in this section)

              OPA Developer's Guide: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38272_01/toc.htm
              Table of Contents > Web Services > There are many relevant articles in this section, including: Deploy Determinations Server, Integrate Determinations Server with a client application, and Test a rulebase using a web service.

              These links above are to the 10.4.2 Help Guides. If you're using an earlier version, check the equivalent article in your installed Help Guides.

              • 4. Inbound Web Service to OPA
                Let me simplify my requirement. I am getting data from Peoplesoft as web service. How will I consume that from OPM? What are the type of data can be consumed from OPM?


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                  Sean Reardon-Oracle
                  Notes on terminology:
                  OPM is the development environment. It is where you write rules in Word and Excel documents, create screens etc, etc.

                  OPA is a generic term for the technology as a whole but is usually used to refer to actual deployments of the rules engine itself. You provide the engine with data in some way (dependent on your deployment channel) and it gives you back an answer in some way. There are various extension mechanisms available to allow you to do things like get information in from a web-service.

                  So in answer to your question (as you phrased it):
                  There are no mechanisms that ship with the product to have data consumed by OPM which is the place that you create rules for later execution in OPA. You would have to code something specifically to do whatever it is you want to do.

                  What benefit will the web-service provide to someone creating rules? Why do you want to pass information from a web-service into the rules development environment? I'm not saying that there is no use case, I'm just saying that it's not one I've ever heard people ask for before (except in those cases where they got the terminology confused and were actually asking about how to use web-services with OPA but said OPM).

                  Assuming that you still think this is something you want to do can you please explain why you would want to do that? (If you can explain your use case then that can help the team who build the product to think about ways that they could make it easier in the future)

                  If you want to know what mechanisms there are for OPA (the rules engine) consuming data that is a different question from the one you asked and for which Jasmine has given you a lot of links to further information - so I'd suggest you read up on them and then refine your question if they do not provide the answer.

                  If you can make a clearer statement of what you're trying to achieve then you're more likely to get a useful answer (not me, I don't know much about using web-services other than using ODS - Oracle Determination Server - a deployment of the OPA rules engine with a web-service wrapper).