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    OBIEE-OC4J and Apex Listener

      RDBMS: Oracle EE

      We read that you can install Oracle Application Express Listener with Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J).

      In our environment there is OBIEE with a version of OC4J (

      We would like to understand if we could use the OC4J that comes from OBIEE in order to install Oracle Application Express Listener.

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          Hello A.C.,

          it is possible to deploy APEX Listener onto OC4J. Though yours is quite outdated it should work, but might not be supported any longer. Are you sure you still have support for that scenario?
          At least the default Java version for that environment will not meet the requirements (JDK 1.6 Update 20 or higher). I'm not sure all components on your OBIEE will work with a recent JDK properly, nor that it is certified for that JDK. If you don't want to put risks and/or efforts on your OBIEE environment, I'd recommend to setup a JEE container outside of your "embedded" OC4J.

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