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    Price Lists management in BCC

      Can someone please provide me instructions for how to configure Price Lists? Currently there is no option to manage/create price lists in the BCC and the tab in the SKU details is also not showing up.

      So far I have attempted through the dyn admin to configure the following (based on threads about this problem I found online):


      Set usingPriceLists=true

      Set preCalculators=
      0     /atg/commerce/pricing/calculators/ItemPriceListCalculator
      1     /atg/commerce/pricing/calculators/ItemPriceListSaleCalculator
      2     /atg/commerce/pricing/calculators/ConfigurableItemPriceListCalculator
      3     /atg/commerce/pricing/calculators/ConfigurableItemPriceListSaleCalculator

      I appreciate any help!