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    Table view column cell Focusing while editing.

      I have a table view with single column. I have defined custom cell factory for this column. When the table renders, a text value is shown for each cell in that column. When the user start editing the cells , then the contents of the cell changes and it shows 2 buttons, few check boxes and few radio buttons. Once the user selects his choice and clicks on a button inside the cell, the cell's editing is completed and cell's content is replaced with a plain text field.

      Now while editing if the user clicks on any other cell, the current editing cell's cancel method is called and text field is show. However, if the user clicks mouse outside the table, the cell is still in editing state.
      1) how to call the cancel editing method automatically here.
      2) Also, if we try to associate with focus property, how to do it. i.e. on which component should I associate focused property since the cell now is replaced with a bunch of components.
      3) If the user tries to use up or down arrow, then how to stop or start editing on the next cells.