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    Trouble loading the schems in MQL

      Has anybody had problems loading the schema in MQL for the Autovue integration into enovia?

      I got below error while adding formats. Looks like Markup policy is set to "6". Pls check your script.

      attempting lookup ...

      Viewable Schema Object Lookup failed. Continuing with installation...

      <<< End Installing Types
      Start Installing Formats
      sMarkupPolicy --> 6
      sObjectName --> 1|Error: - Symbolic name '6' does not exists
      *** Warning: Could not commit transaction.

      <<< csiEndTrans

      Transaction aborted - Global Configuration Object

      Aborting transaction, error in Installation...

      Error: #1900068: modify policy failed

      System Error: #1500178: policy '1|Error: - Symbolic name '6' does not exists' does not exist

      ===End installation of Global Configuration Object Schema===