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    Atg Doubt


      May I know the ans for this qn with explaination.

      Which is true in case of Promotions export/import
      1. PMDL 2 is not allowed in atg 10
      2. For export, mention promoIDs, user RQL
      3.PromotionIMportExportIntegrator with external system

      I thought both 2nd and 3rd options r correct,correct me if it is wrong.

      Thanks in advance
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          I thought both 2nd and 3rd options r correct,correct me if it is wrong.
          I think so. But i'm not sure about first one.
          The promotions import/export API relies mainly on the following two components:
          /atg/commerce/promotion/PromotionImportExport—The main component used for
          importing and exporting promotions and /atg/epub/PublishingWorkflowAutomator—Used
          automatically when you import promotions into a versioned repository; you should never need to call this
          component yourself.
          The PromotionImportExport component contains the main methods used for importing and
          exporting promotions. Both processes start and end with startImportExportSession() and
          endImportExportSession() methods.
          Important methods of above components are:
          1.PromotionImportExportSession startImportExportSession(String pSessionId)
          2.PromotionImportExportStatus importPromotion(PromotionImportExportSession
          pSession, PromotionImportExportInfo pPromotion)
          3.List<PromotionImportExportInfo> exportPromotionsById(List<String>
          4.List<PromotionImportExportInfo> exportPromotionsByRQLQuery(String pRQLQuery)

          You can customize the import/export process by adding your own components and registering them
          with the PromotionImportExport component. In order to be used automatically by the existing
          import/export classes, your components must implement the
          atg.commerce.promotion.PromotionImportExportIntegrator interface. The interface
          includes four methods:
          After creating the component, configure the integrators property of the PromotionImportExport
          component to add your new component: