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    Need a DAC Expert - Need some Urgent Help DAC

      Hi We have just upograded out DAC from 7 to, We have upgraded the repository we were using in 7 to 10 via na empty container all the mappings look ok, we genereated the parameters, then build the execution plan.

      When we click execute we get the following error in the beginning about the w_param_g, it tries to carry on and then the mappings will fail because the w_param_g is empty, it's empty no rows in the w_param_g tables, the following error is displayed., we have tested the connections in the physical sources they all work as some of the mappings do run?, not sure what to try? anybody assist with anything please. Thanks


      1870 SEVERE Wed Dec 19 14:25:42 GMT 2012 Starting ETL Process.
      1871 SEVERE Wed Dec 19 14:25:42 GMT 2012
      ANOMALY INFO::: Error while getting database connection definition for node Update W_PARAM_G From DAC(->DataWarehouse)
      MESSAGE:::There is no database that match the description.
      EXCEPTION CLASS::: com.siebel.analytics.etl.execution.NoSuchDatabaseException

      1872 SEVERE Wed Dec 19 14:25:42 GMT 2012 Number of running sessions : 2
      1873 SEVERE Wed Dec 19 14:25:48 GMT 2012 Request to start workflow : 'SIL_UA:SIL_Parameters_Update_DatesWeeks' has completed with error code 0
      1874 SEVERE Wed Dec 19 14:26:09 GMT 2012 pmcmd startworkflow -sv PowerCenter_Integration_Service -d Domain_gbrdevbi -u Administrator -p **** -f SIL_UA -lpf D:\Informatica\9.0.1\server\infa_shared\SrcFiles\DataWarehouse.DataWarehouse.SIL_UA.SIL_Parameters_Update_DatesWeeks.txt SIL_Parameters_Update_DatesWeeks
      Status Desc : Succeeded
      WorkFlowMessage : Workflow executed successfully.