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    Workflow Builder Notification Performer Error


      I am working with Workflow Builder I copied a voting notification, made some message and description changes, and added the copy into a process.

      When I validate the process, it says "383: Notification activity must be assigned a performer when used in a process." When I go to the process where the original notification is, it has an attribute as a performer. But the copy does not have the attribute performer.

      I have found a lot of information saying a performer can be a role or attribute, and to load roles, but it is not a role I want. How can I assign an attribute performer to this notification?

      Thank you.
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          Alejandro Sosa

          You should be able to assign the performer to an item attribute. All you have to do is create the item attribute and then go to the notification in the process and select the Node tab. Then select Item Attribute from list Type and then select the item attribute you created.

          While you are able to create and use a text attribute it is recommended to use a Role type because it is consistent and later on, if you need to maintain users in the WF tables you will be able to find them easily. It is just the right way to do.


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            Thank you Alejandro.

            I am modifying my first workflow, and was unaware I could navigate that way. I will look into changing the performer to a role.