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    Getting Variable not found randomly from OATS scripts

      I am new to OATS.
      Trying to run the load test using OATS.

      In my script, I have
      http.solveGroupJavaScript("window[@index='0']", new String[] {
                                              1, 9, 3, 0),
                                              1, 12, 0, 0),
                                              1, 11, 3, 0) })

      In later step, under the post data
      The script has:

      It is actually from recording and I didn't modify the scripts, but I found that this script will failed randomly.

      And the error is "Failed to solve JavaScript variable web.jscript.http1019670200808_8_8:1:9:3:0

      Does that mean that "window[@index='0']" is not available randomly? How do I fix this problem?
      Can someone advise?

      Thanks so much for any information in advance.