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    Creating native MSI bundle that is "per user"-based (not "system"-based)

      I am trying to collect all information in order to create a native MSI bundle that is "per user" based - but failed.

      This means:
      (.) The MSI should install into the user's local directory
      (.) There should be no admin permission required

      When using the default <fx:deploy ... nativebundle="msi" ...>-ANT-element, then the MSI is created "system wide" based, installing in "/Prorgram Files" and requiring an admin permission.

      In the Oracle docu (http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/deployment/self-contained-packaging.htm) there is no concrete hint how to create "per user" based MSI files. Maybe, someone already has done this and could tell the imprortant steps...


      PS: I know - using the .exe-bundling with Inno Setup will create "per user" based installers by default, but I do not want to use .exe if possible