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    Rollup in HFM


      I'm trying to do a simple rollup in HFM by building a hierarchy using Revenue and expense accounts and not sure why I'm getting incorrect results. My hierarchy looks as follows -
      EA - Expense Account
      RA - Revenue Account
      SM - Shared member

      Result (RA)

      Now, SM2 and SM3 are shared member hierarchies of a combination of revenue and expense accounts underneath EA4 and RA1 respectively (as shown above).
      SM1 is also a shared member hierarchy with Result as the parent. EA1,EA2 and EA3 are input accounts.

      Now my problem is that my result account is giving me an incorrect value. Consider the following sample values

      Result (Revenue Account)
      --EA1 (10)
      --EA2 (-20)
      --EA3 (20)
      --SM1 (100)
      --EA4 (-40)
      --RA2 (10)

      I would like to implement the formula for result as SM1 - (EA1+EA2+EA3) - EA4 + RA2 and i have assigned account types accordingly to my hierarchy of accounts. Based on this formula, i would like to see a value of [100 - (10 - 20 + 20) - 40 + 10 ] = 60 in my result account.

      But somehow I'm getting a value of 140 in my result account. The values above have been scaled down.

      There is no formula in the rules file for my result account.

      Any pointers will be helpful

      Thanks in advance!!
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          "But somehow I'm getting a value of 140 in my result account".

          That's due to the -40 in "[100 - (10 - 20 + 20) - 40 + 10]" being added instead of subtracted, as two minuses make a plus.

          Search for "Account Type Behavior" in the Admin Guide and you'll see a table that shows you how account types roll up into parents. Eg if a parent account is revenue, a child expense account will be subtracted. The signing conventions in the system don't matter. What does matter is the account type, which tells HFM how to aggregate children up to a parent to keep the debits and credits in balance.

          If the hierarchy doesn't give you the desired result, you'll have to set the Result account to a base member so that you can run a calculation on it.