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    emcli: check_mp not a recognized command?


      I have just installed the Extensibility Development Kit (EDK 12cR2) on my Win laptop, and am currently studying the Management Plug-in Tutorial.
      It tells me:
      The PDK "check_mp" tool verifies that the target type definition file and default collection file for an MP have correct XML syntax and validates them against their DTD files. The "check_mp" tool also performs some semantic checking to report possible problems.
      However, this verb (check_mp) is not recognized and also does not appear in the emcli help output?!
      C:\Users\abc\Downloads\Oracle>emcli check_mp
      Error: The command name "check_mp" is not a recognized command.
      Run the "help" command for a list of recognized commands.
      You may also need to run the "sync" command to synchronize with the current OMS.>

      Any suggestions why this is happening much appreciated.

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          Follow up:

          I am going to assume it has been replaced by empdk validate_plugin, as shown in the Extensibility Programmer's Reference, page 13-6.

          Additional advantage: my client ‘gets’ it too :-)
          C:\Users\abc\Downloads\Oracle>empdk validate_plugin
          validate_plugin command usage:

          empdk validate_plugin -stage_dir <staging directory>
          [-tmp_dir <temporary working location>]
          [-out_dir <output directory>]
          [-format (html|text|csv|xml)]
          [-conn_desc <Connect descriptor to em repository>]
          [-repos_user <EM repository owner>]
          [-debug [<file to output debug information>]]
          -tmp_dir : Specify some existing directory else will give error. If not specified then out directory will be used for temp location.
          -out_dir : by default report file will be generated in the current directory
          -debug :Specify some file name where you want to store the debug information. if not specified the default log file (validateplugin.log<time>) will be created in the out directory and will store only warning and error message. if specified then it will store all the debugging information to that log file
          -format : If format is not specified, it defaults to text.
          -validationType : If validationType is not specified validation of all types are performed.
          -conn_desc, -repos_user: If -validationType option has one of sql,all or -validationType is not specified, then these are mandatory.


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            Adeesh Fulay
            That's right. It has been replaced by empdk validate_plugin.