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    Executing a script when an alert is generated

      Is there a way to have all alerts execute a script when they occur?

      I'm not sure if this can be done through an Operational Profile, but I've create a profile and don't see a way to making this association.
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          Where would you like the script to be run: on the system where the alarm was detected (to try to fix it), or on the Enterprise Controller (to send the alarms to another tool)? Running the script where the alarm was detected can sometimes not work as you'd expect, since things like hardware alarms tend to be detected by your Proxy Controller, not the system that had the problem.

          If you want all alarms to run a script on your EC the Neuron Integration (http://www.halcyoninc.com/products/NeuronIntegration/index.php) is a commercial option: you could have it installed with a simple script rule in under an hour. If you want to run the script elsewhere (i.e. on an Agent) then you should look at how to attach automated actions to Incidents:


          I hope one of these does what you want, good luck!
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            Yes, we would be looking for the EC to handle the alerts.

            It looks like your commercial product is exactly what we'd be looking for. Unfortunately, we have $0 to spend on another product at this time so we're looking for an Ops Center + scripting solution.

            At this point, it's looking like the only way to do this would be to subscribe to all ops center notifications and then parse the emails that get sent. If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to share them!