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    Install Oracle ODBC driver - version 10.x


      I'm trying to install Oracle ODBC driver on Windows XP with no success.

      I downloaded version first, ran ORA10105.EXE, which unzipped everything.
      From readme.txt, it says to run Oracle Universal Installer.
      On the screen "File Locations" use the "Browse" button of
      the source path to choose the file 'products.jar' from the
      folder that ORA10105.EXE was extracted to. Choose 'Next'.
      But I can not find products.jar under the folder ORA10105 or any subfolder at all.

      Then I downloaded version, same thing, now products.jar.

      Then I downloaded version, readme.txt:
      1. a. ORA10203\bin\sqora32.dll ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
      b. ORA10203\bin\sqoras32.dll ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
      c. ORA10203\bin\sqresus.dll ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
      2. a. ORA10203\ODBC\html\ODBCRelnotesUS.htm ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\html\
      b. ORA10203\ODBC\readme.txt ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\html\
      3. ORA10203\ODBC\mesg\oraodbus.msb ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\mesg\
      I did first step, copied the 3 files to C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client\BIN. But can't do step 2 and 3 because there is no ODBC directory under ORACLE_HOME.

      Any idea?