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    YTD value of one element is not correct in fast formula of other element


      I am writing fast formula for 457 and 457 catchcup. i am checking for maximum contributions in fast formula of 457 catchup element .
      i want to access value of current run of one element into fast formula of other element or access the YTD (including current run) of one element into fast formula of other element

      hartf 457 has priority 3752
      hartf catchup has priority 3755
      So the 457 element is processed first and then catchup element.

      In catchup fast formula, for current payroll, 457_YTD shows value for the last payroll and not with current value.
      is any other way i can either access the latest value ?

      I was trying different approach by using HARTF_457_ASG_GRE_RUN or HARTF_457_ASG_RUN in catchup fast formula. These values are 0.

      Please anybody can suggest how to achieve this.

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