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    Difficulty with ST_GEOMETRY.

      Hello all,

      I am having difficulty getting oracle.DataAccess.dll to read the schema of an ArcSDE ST_GEOMETRY column.

      We are using Oracle x64bit running on Microsoft 2008 R2 x64bit enterprise server. Have installed ArcSDE 10.0 sp2 x64bit and configured to work apprpriately with Oracle. I can use sqlPlus to issue a query against a table with an ST_GEOMETRY column and use a method from the st_shapelib.dll with success, but..

      When I try to access the same data from our webservice using the oracle.DataAccess.dll I get the following error from SDE(?)..

      Exception: Custom type mapping for 'dataSource='SDEGOMU-ORA-TEST-01' schemaName='SDE' typeName='ST_GEOMETRY'' is not specified or is invalid.

      In the Web.config file I have the following:

      <add name="ST_GEOMETRY" value="udtMapping factoryName='st_shapelib.dll' typeName='ST_GEOMETRY' schemaName='SDE'/>

      I am using oracle.DataAccess.dll version

      Has anyone else encountered this problem and have a solution. It is vexing me.

      Thank you,

      Milton S.