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    BOGO promotion creation

    Tijomon Mathew
      Hi All,

      We have a requirement to create a specific kind of BOGO promotion like B1G1 and B2G2 and above all buying he wont get the discount, like if the customer buy 3 item still he get discount on 2 item, can we achieve this with OOTB promotion?

      Ex , Sku id 101

      1) customer bought one sku-101 got discount for one sku-101

      2) customer bought two sku-101 got discount for two sku-101

      3) if customer buy sku-101 more than 2 he still get offer for 2 item

      Tijomon Mathew
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          Did you try setting up Bulk/Tiered pricing for this.
          I think what you are trying to achieve can be tackled using the above type of pricing.

          Take a look at the example in this documentation

          Hope this helps


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