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    Forwarding alerts to a 3rd party monitoring tool

      I'd like to be able to forward alerts recieved by the Enterprise Controller to our Unicenter NSM server. I have no desire to use Ops Center's incident assignment capabilities.

      Has anyone managed to forward alerts from Ops Center to a 3rd party monitoring tool ?
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          I am also interested on how to do this. So far, I've looked into a bunch of different methods, each with extensive drawbacks:

          - Have a user subscribe to email notifications for alerts, forwarding those emails to a parser; then have the parser do what it needs to do to send the info to the 3rd party software. Downsides: having to write the parser; having to manage the alerts on the ops center end; email information appears to be sparse

          - Use the ops center SDK to query ops center for alert information: documentation for the SDK is sparse, does not contain all of the libraries, and questions to these forums re: API are unanswered

          - Have all alerts also execute some kind of script when created: no idea if this is even possible.

          Please let us know if you make any headway on this. I will do the same!
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            Since posting my question, I have found this possible solution...

            Halcyon appear to be an Oracle partner who have developed a product which integrates OC with popular 3rd party tools.
            I see also that a user by the name of 'halcyon' sometimes posts in this forum, so I'm guessing that's them also.

            Obviously this is a commercial solution and won't come for free, but I have struggled to figure out how this can be achieved independently. As you say, there are lots of questions and documentation is sparse. I'd prefer not to make a career out of it. ;)

            The integration of OC with our Unicenter NSM tool with be my highest priority for when I get back from Xmas vacation in mid January. I will post up any useful information I discover.

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