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    XSD reference error in parent and child service after 10g to 11g migration

    Balaji Radhakrishnan
      Hi All,
      We have migrated a parent webserivce(A) and child webservice(B) from Oracle SOA 10g to 11g.
      Both the service A and B refer to the same XSD, before migration the XSD was placed in 10g server and it was referenced using the server url in the services.

      After migration the XSD was referenced from MDS, but while trying to build and deploy the Parent webservice(A) after the deployment of child service(B), we are getting the below error.

      "Global Type declaration/definition of name '{http://www.XXXX.org/oagis/9}EncryptedBinaryObjectType' are duplicated at the following locations:

      http://soadev01.XXXX.net:80/soa-infra/services/../../../../../Fields.xsd [line#: 3166]
      oramds:/apps/../../../../../../../Fields.xsd [line#: 3166]
      There are at least two of them looking different:
      http://soadev01.XXXX.net:80/soa-infra/services/../../../../../Fields.xsd [difference starting at line#:3168]
      oramds:/apps/../../../../../Fields.xsd [difference starting at line#:3168]

      Kindly help us resolve the same.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Balaji R