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    oracle 7 courses and exams

      can old exams on oracle 7 produce a kind of oracle certified ?
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          Matthew Morris
          I'm not really sure what your question is. Old Oracle 7 exams used to produce a certification (like the ones I took almost 15 years ago). Those exams have long since been retired. There will be no new Oracle 7 certified professionals.
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            If you achieved 7.3 DBA OCP certification ( not some some exam passes ) and you can locate it in certview (certview.oracle.com) then that would be relevant as if you choose to upgrade your certification to 10g/11g DBA OCP then you wont need additional training. Exam 1z0-035 (+1z0-055) would be revelant for you in that case; but 1z0-051/1z0-052/1z0-053 is another route to 11g DBA OCP.

            If you passed some ( but not all) exams for 7.3 DBA OCP then they are effectively no longer usable. A possible exception is 1z0-001 an SQL exam pass at that remains relevant as an SQL exam pre-requisite, ( but I think 1z0-001 was post 7.3).