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    Oracle Policy Aitomation VS Oracle Rule Engine

      Does anybody have experience of working with OPA and ORE both ?

      How rules from ORE can be migrated in OPA ?

      From where I can have ORE Documents and installer for evaluation ?
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          If you are intend to Oracle Rule Engine which is Oracle Fusion Middle ware>SOA> Oracle Business Rules, then I do not think you can not migrate into OPA.


          Thank you
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            Thanks Mayumi,

            Do you have experience of working in any 1 of 2 ?

            Sachin Jain
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              Matt Sevin-Oracle
              Ideally you would migrate from the natural language business specifications / requirements that were transformed into the Oracle Business Rules syntax for impementation. It is generally easier to migrate from a natural language form to OPA than it is to reverse engineer a technical programming syntax back into a natural language form. The original business level specification is often lost during the technical transformation due to variable naming, syntax shortcuts, data structure selection, optimizing code, coding standards, etc., Whereas, OPA is designed to capture the original business level policies and rules using declarative natural language in order to minimize the transformations from the original requirements to an implementation language (i.e. the natural language form is the "execution" language in OPA - without transformation)
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                I am support role and not seeing any customer try to migrate from/ to Oracle Rule engine.
                Basically OPM and Oracle Rule engine as same business rule creator application.
                OPM use original editor but the Oracle Rule engine may from JDevelopper I guess?

                I am not sure what you expected in this thread.
                If your user looking for resolution against OPM and Oracle Rule Engine then it depends the user's environment and condition.

                If the customer side using fusion application already then may be this thread article useful in your future.

                Thread: Integration of OPA with ADF
                Integration of OPA with ADF...


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                  Oracle Fusion Middleware/SOA/Oracle Business Rules is a better solution for use with rules that will not change often.

                  Oracle Policy Automation is more useful with rules that will change on a regular basis or more frequently over time.
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                    Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                    While not specifically about OPA vs OBR, this whitepaper has some detail about when OPA is a good fit: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/apps-tech/policy-automation/learnmore/isopaagoodfitformybusiness-1653261.pdf
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                      Thanks alll for your valuable input.

                      The intention of this question was to take decision what should we use in an enterprise application, Oracle business rules or Oracle policy autmation ?

                      Can we use OPM without MS-Office ?

                      Do we have any web based interface to model rules either in Oracle business rules or OPM ?
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                        Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                        Oracle Business Rules and Oracle Policy Automation are different products intended for different purposes. The appropriate product depends on what you need to do. If you need to implement determination rules with deep/complex nesting of logic and large networks of interlinked logic (especially where those rules are based on legislation, regulations and policy) then OPA is the best product. If your logic is much simpler and you want tight coupling with BPM and you're happy for your rules to look like code, then OBR may be preferable.

                        My whitepaper referenced above (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/apps-tech/policy-automation/learnmore/isopaagoodfitformybusiness-1653261.pdf) outlines many other examples where OPA is a good fit, so I won’t go into any more detail on that here.

                        In answer to your other questions:
                        - MSOffice is required for authoring OPA rules.
                        - OPA rules are only authored in MSWord and MSExcel. There is no web interface for OPA rule authoring.
                        - I don’t know much about the OBR authoring experience, but I think it might use JDeveloper as the development environment. (If anyone here knows more about OBR, please jump in and correct me!)

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                          Thanks Jasmine,

                          Appreciate your immediate reply.
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                            The more I read about Oracle business rules and Oracle Policy automation, the more I get confused about these tools.

                            Can anyone answer following questions :-

                            Ques 1. Does oracle business rules have any web based interface for authoring business rules ? What I am able to get in an old Oracle document that business rules have web based interface for suthoring. But one document says that business rules (Version 11g) can be authored using JDevloper only. I am confused If web based interface was available in old version,l why it is not available in latest version ?

                            Ques 2. How can we maintain rules repository in both Tools ? What I am able to figure out that, Rules in OPA are persisted either in MS-WORD format or MS-EXCEL format. And in OBR in XMLs format. My question is there any mechanism to persist rules in DATABASE ?
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                              Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                              From the OPM 10.4.2 Help: "Oracle Policy Modeling integrates with the Subversion source control program, and with any source control program that is accessible via the Source Code Control Application Program Interface (SCCAPI), such as Microsoft SourceSafe or Rational ClearCase." (http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38269_01/Content/Collaborating/Track_rulebase_changes.htm)

                              The OPA rules are authored in MSWord and MSExcel documents, and those documents may be stored in source control applications.

                              As for your OBR questions, you may have better luck getting answers on an OBR forum. This forum is followed by OPA people.

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                                Paul Fowler
                                Side Note:

                                Webdav also provides an ability to store your rules files in content management systems like SharePoint (which can have versioning turned on.)

                                As I understand it, the trick is not storing/accessing/reviewing the OPA rules on a website. The trick is the addition/modification/deletion of rules outside Oracle Policy Automation tool with a high level of trust that the modifications are correct.

                                Personally, I would limit people to inserting comments and normal text into the rules documents outside of the ability to compile/test in OPM.

                                A final comment. You can, of course, save-as the documents as "Web Pages" or PDF if you want read-only web pages of your OPA rules by individuals who might not have Microsoft Office...