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    How to set deployment.cache.max.size via Group Policy

      Hello. I work in a K-12 environment and we deploy the Java JRE as an MSI installer via Group Policy (Windows-only). We use Orca to not allow auto-checking for updates as we prefer to set the timing of JRE updates. OK, so far, so good, the JRE has been deploying fine and working fine.

      By default, an install of the Java JRE sets the "deployment.cache.max.size" to 32768 MB for each user. I don't see a need for each user to have a max cache-size of 32 GB, so I'd like to be able to script each user's " "deployment.properties" file:


      so that I can set the following line to 4096 like this:


      Does anyone have an idea how I might set this via either a setting in the MSI installer, a script or group policy?

      -- David Allie

      P.S. I'm choosing a size of 4096 MB as a starting point. I may decide to lower or raise it, once I see what effect a 4 GB max-cache-size has on user experience/performance.

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