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      PTUPGCONVERT is running slow for my PT848 to 852 Tools Upgrade .
      The name of the step is "Running PeopleTools COnversion"
      What can be done to see its logs and make it fast?

      ---Finally it finished but it took 1 hr 48 minutes.
      Do you think if i do directly from command line it will be faster..Will try that approach also..Have computed Database STATS also.?

      KINDLY advise on its performance from your experiences.?

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          Below may be the problem are :-

          1) U are running over a wide network .

          2) It is first pass, that y taking longer time .

          3) Depend upon the size of DB .

          4) Check the log file.

          5) Check the configuration manager settings.

          6) check the new PS_HOME path in configuration manager settings