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    Weblogic JMS using CCDT

      I am trying to set up a foreign JMS module for MQ using CCDT file. I was able to create the module but message is not delivering to the MQ. I dont see any errors in weblogic as well. Can anyone help me to make sure my JMS module set up is correct?

      I just created a foreign JMS destination with folloing details.

      JMS module:
      JNDI Initial Context Factory:com.sun.jndi.fscontext.RefFSContextFactory
      JNDI Connection URL:<CCDT file URL>

      Foreign Destination:
      Local JNDI Name:jms/MQJMSQueue
      Remote JNDI Name:<MQ Queue name>

      Foreign Connection Factory:
      Local JNDI Name:jms/MQJMSConnectionFactory
      Remote JNDI Name:<MQ Queue Manager name>