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    TemplateEmailSender queuing emails and not sending

    Tijomon Mathew

      We are using TemplateEmailSender to send emails and the messages are not going out and there is no error message was showing in the log file.

      when i turned on the debug and checked the log file

      **** debug Fri Dec 21 16:53:31 EST 2012 1356126811287 /atg/userprofiling/email/TemplateEmailSender sendEmailMessage invoked.
      **** debug Fri Dec 21 16:53:31 EST 2012 1356126811288 /atg/userprofiling/email/TemplateEmailSender queued email request EmailRequest[atg.userprofiling.email.TemplateEmailInfoImpl@6155922c(mailingId=null, mailingName=Product Substitution Email)] Queue size = 7

      i am seeing the messages are queuing and sending, how can i release these messages.

      Tijomon Mathew