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    How To Highlight A Row


      I'm using Apex 4.2.0 against Oracle 11gR2 and using mod_plsql. I'm searching for a good way to highlight a row (both the text and the background) in a report (both Classical and Interactive) when clicking an edit icon in the row and to preserve the highlighting as a way to give users context as they look at other regions, say, a form on the same page.

      I've seen solutions for this: everything from placing calls to a Javascript function within a custom report template to using css styles. Unfortunately, thus far, these all fall short in that they "work" for only certain Apex themes or when using certain browsers. If users look at my app in IE 9, they see the row highlighted. But in Firefox 14, it is not. Or if a developer changes the theme, the highlighting may or may not work.

      Does anyone know of a method that just plain works for any Apex theme and for any modern browser (IE 9+, Firefox 15+, Chrome, etc.). I sure would appreciate pointers to working code.

      Thank you.

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          My question was answered by a talented person named Neelesh Shah on the Apex LinkedIn Forum page. Here is the link to our exchanges:


          Thanks very much, Neelesh.