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    User ID

      Hello. I have the following problem: I need to create a procedure that inserts data into tablr after form submit in APEX (Application Express). I just need to know how can I get the ID of user in application who has logged in. For example I have table named Worker and there are fields: 1) worker_id 2) username 3)password. My question is: I have logged in as one of workers, how can I pass this worker's worker_id to trigger which calls procedure and passes worker_id to procedure after form submit in Oracle APEX????

      Thank you for your answers
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          Matthew Morris
          The username of the account logged into application express can be accessed via APP_USER. In PL/SQL procedures, you'd access with: v('APP_USER') or
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            Thank you very much for your answer. In fact I was aware of that app_user thing before, but I found out that my mistake was actually the fact that I didnt know
            how to use it in procedures. Anyway, I managed to solve my problem and I'm glad :) Cheers!