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    Connect database express to ODBC (64bit)

      Good after noon all, how r u?
      I am new here and new to Oracla Database Express and apex

      My situation:

      I have:
      1- (Server1) - Microsoft Windows server 2008 r2 64bit
      2- (server2) - Microsoft Windows server 2008 r2 64bit
      3- (My_PC) - Microsoft Windows xp 32bit
      4- Microsoft SQL server 2008 r2 64bit installed on (Server1)
      5- Oracle database express 11 r2 32bit with apex 4.2 installed on (My_PC)

      I wanted to connect Oracle to Microsoft SQL (from My_PC to Server1) and this what I did:
      1- Created ODBC on My_PC connected to Ms SQL on Server1
      2- Created initMY_ODBC.ora file by copied initdg4odbs.ora and changed 1 parameter
      3- Modifying listener.ora
      4- Modifying tnsnames.ora
      5- Restarting listener
      6- created database link

      and it is work fine, no problem...

      My problem:

      I want the same thing but from Server2 to Server1, I installed database express and apex on Server2 and it is working fine.
      But when I tried to connect like previous steps it is not working.

      Can any body help me?

      Thanks in advance