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    Results Table Navigation


      Is there any way to navigate to a particular record in my Results Table which may have say 500 records.

      Actually, the requirement is, in my search page... the results are obtained and the number of records in the result table are say 500...

      Now , if the user wants to check for an n ^th^ record in the result table, how can he check for that record...

      Here , we can add one more search field in search page and we can filter out that particular record, but the requirement is not filter it out... the requirement is that there should all the results in the result table and the user wants to navigate to that n ^th^ record...

      Is there any solution for this...


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          This is not possible, as far as I know. You can provide either a filter option or provide an option to navigate to nth record (filter) and handle the record navigation using setRangeStart, setRangeSize, setCurrentRow etc to select that particular record but no out of the box solution is available for such scenarios.