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    scroll in af:panelGridLayout


      I'm using af:panelGridLayout like this:

      <af:panelGridLayout id="pgl1">
      <af:gridRow marginTop="10px" id="gr1">
      <af:gridCell marginStart="10px" id="gc1" width="50%">
      <af:region value="#{bindings.test.regionModel}" id="r4"/>
      <af:gridCell marginStart="10px" marginEnd="10px" width="50%" id="gc2" >
      <af:region value="#{bindings.test.regionModel}" id="r4"/>

      The problem is that in case the content of the region is greater than the cell size,
      the cell is auto stretched and I'm loosing the '50% width' that I defined.
      I have surrounded the content of the region with af:panelGroupLayout layout="scroll".
      but it works only when I define fixed height and width for the af:panelGroupLayout.
      and I want it to get the height and width of the cell with scroll if needed and not to have fixed size.

      Any idea?