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    WLJmsTransport througput

      I'm trying to use the WLJmsTrasport annotations to expose an exising JAX-RPC service over JMS.
      I'm using a foreign JMS provider integrated via JCA (Apache Qpid).
      Everything is integrated OK, but the the throughput is terrible.
      From what I can see, only one instance of MessageListener is created for the service. I.e. onMessage is called serially for each message and there is no concurrency at all.
      I've tried just about everything with regard to worker managers to create more instances - but it seems that it follows a different code path as none of the worker managers (from the weblogic console) are affected. (I think the JCA adapter creates its own thread)
      Is this type of thing (incoming session pooling etc..) usually managed by the JCA adapter?

      Is there any way to increase the concurrency for WLJmsTransport?
      Alternatively, has anyone had any experience in exposing web services of JMS with Weblogic?
      Any help would be appreciated.
      I'm using Weblogic 11g (10.3.2) btw