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    OVD Unwanted DN Value

      Hi All,

      I am using Oracle Virtual Directory(OVD) in x86_64 GNU/Linux RHEL 5.8.
      I have created one DB adapter and one LDAP adapter and configured them on top of a Join view adapter.
      I have configured two LDAP attributes on the DB adapter cn -->DBtable.Group and uniqueMember --> DBtable.user.
      Whenever I query (from Join View adapter)for cn by supplying uniqueMember, I get expected results.(correct dn and correct cn)
      But When I query for uniqueMember by supplying cn, I get a result correct for uniqueMember but I dont a correct dn value.(Wrong dn and correct uniqueMember).
      I get Correct result for both the cases when I query from DB adapter.
      Please suggest me on this.(Critical)

      Thanks in advance

      Best Regards