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    Setup Regedit in Forms 11g


      I have recently installed in my Home Pc, Forms 11gR2 and Database 11g.
      I have no experience with Forms to the Web, only Client-Server Developer 6i.
      I have a small Retail Application (about 50 fmbs) in Developer 6i, and I would like to convert fmbs to new version.

      I know that in Developer 6i, in order to start the application, and in order to open an fmb in Forms Builder correctly,
      you should set up the regedit.
      In 6i there were some variables (FORMS60_PATH....) where we put the executable path for example

      FORMS60_PATH:           C:\Retail\Bin (if we have the .fmx,.mmx,.pll there)
      REPORTS60_PATH:      C:\Retail\Bin (if we have the .rdf there)
      UI_ICON:          C:\Retail\BIN (if we have the .ico files there)

      Now in my regedit, in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> SOFTWARE --> Oracle --> KEY_OH609856842 ,
      in the right pane, I see a FORMS_PATH which contains


      a REPORTS_PATH which contains


      and a UI_ICON path which contains


      I would like to open an 6i fmb from Form Builder 11gR2. What should I do in regedit?

      Is it right is these variables FORMS_PATH, REPORTS_PATH, UI_ICON
      in the begining to put C:\Retail\Bin;

      Thank you and happy Christmas.
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          The basic functionality of the Builder in 11 is the same as it was in 6. Therefore the registry entries are also basically the same. The only major difference is that there no longer is a version reference in the entries. So, for example the path to your modules is listed in FORMS_PATH. The more significant changes related to runtime and the internal workings of the form. I would recommend you refer to the Upgrade guides to best understand what you need to do in order to move from 6 to 11.